Nathalie (imaginary_lives) wrote in wicked_signs,

102 icons

11 | Breaking Bad
25 | Orphan Black
30 | The Killing
05 | Game of Thrones
12 | Justified
12 | Legend of the Seeker
07 | Misc (Continuum, Hannibal, Lost Girl)

Yo, vintage playa!Collapse )
Tags: tv:breaking bad, tv:continuum, tv:game of thrones, tv:hannibal, tv:justified, tv:legend of the seeker, tv:lost girl, tv:orphan black, tv:the killing
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Oh, this post is full of a whole lot of pretty! Your Oprhan Black icons are absolutely gorgeous! I think you've managed to figure out how to work with the screencaps amazingly which is so impressive. #23 was one of my absolute favourites in that battle, the sheer contrast in the icon is absolutely gorgeous, and the texture work is exceptional! I also really, really love the crop of #26, the beautiful bold blue colours of #28, the lighting in #31, and the gorgeous crops in #34 and #35!

The lighting in the Killing icons is absolutely incredible as well! #48, #51 and #53 especially stand out, the contrast in them all is marvelous, and I particularly love the grungy texture feel you've used with the black & white tones! And your LotS icons are marvelous! Gorgeous, gorgeous lighting as well! #84 and #91 are truly gorgeous. Finally, #97 is simply beautiful! Amazing lighting and texture work! Such a gorgeous post.
Thank you so much! And especially for taking the time to write such a long comment! ♥ ♥ :D
Gosh, they're all so lovely. Particularly 21, 36, and 76.

Also, 74 is strangely adorable. I'm definitely snagging it.
Snagged a couple of the Killing. :D do you mind if I use them as my avatar on Tumblr? I read through the user info page and didn't see anything about it. Wanted to clear it first.
That is absolutely fine! :)

Thank you!
Love the Orphan Black icons!
Having just discovered Orphan Black recently I find myself in need of icons and these are great! Will credit :)
These are gorgeous! I snagged an Orphan Black icon (#13, I think), and shall give credit.
Love your Orphan Black icons!
Love the Orphan Black icons and will credit when I use them.
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